Helping you treasure the gift of time forever

My passion for a simple photograph lies in this: The moments in which we find the most joy are often brief, fading with time... But through a photograph, we're given the gift of reliving the times that have had the biggest impacts on us emotionally and spiritually, even as the moment fades. With every session, I'm dedicated to finding the pure beauty within one's soul and bringing it to the surface in the form of a photograph. Let's capture some magic together.


A photographer turned family.

“Stephani is way more than a family photographer... She is a photographer who has turned into family. Throughout the years, we have trusted Stephani to capture all of our families' milestones... annual family/Christmas photos, maternity shoots, newborn photos, and more. Stephani's creative, and sometimes crazy, ideas make taking pictures so much fun. And she makes us all feel so comfortable, even when it should be awkward! My entire family (yes, even my husband) looks forward to our sessions!”

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... Are a few words to describe the style I strive for with every session.

We all have a beautiful story to tell.

It's a privilege to be able to tell yours!

Meet your photographer, Stephani!

I love documenting the real stuff - The genuine laughter, the hugs with your family, the moments that you never want to forget. As a christ-follower it’s my mission to serve my clients by photographing those moments through the lens of our creator. Being a mom to two grown daughters, I have watched the years fly by and have learned to treasure time. I became a photographer in 2001, after some life-changing moments that made me realize how precious time is. I would be so honored to eternalize time for you and capture your memories.