The White Family

People come into your life for a reason and this family is no exception! From the moment I received the phone call from Marsi my heart went out to her & her family. Marsi was inquiring about getting family pix done as soon as possible because she had just been diagnosed with Breast Cancer (age 38) and was starting Chemotherapy the following week. I felt as though I had known this family for years. We had a blast at the shoot & it was really like just hanging out. I asked Marsi if she minded me sharing her story along with these images of a family full of love & life. Marsi would like as many people as possible to know her story. Sometimes doors open when you least expect. Trust me when I say the White family will do what ever it takes to beat this! If you are interested in learning more about Marsi, please go to her blog I will also put this as a link.
Thanks for everything Marsi & Steve!



Barbara Miller...what a fabulous referral! Thanks so much ;*)
Thanks Shelby Miller for all of your help & never ending support. Small world...Shelby's husband Damian (Cancer survivor) & his brother Jimmy have been friends with Steve White since grade school.