The Kirby Family | Christmas 2014

There are some families that I meet and instantly click with. I knew from our very first session that the Kirby's would become an extension of my own family. Tina is one of the most amazing moms and pours her heart into every aspect of being an advocate for her children. Brandon would do absolutely anything for Tina & the kiddos, but also for others. I have been photographing their family since Bella was two and before JoJo was even a thought. We spend a lot of non working time together and it is always full of laughter. Wether we are walking for the San Diego Autism race 2014 "Team JoJo Boom Boom Pow", painting the town pink for our own baby Kylie or flying off to see Brittney Spears, memories are being made that will last a lifetime. The first time I was in the Kirby's new home, I walked down the hall that is adorned with family photos. All of the images except for two had been from our sessions. It brought rears to my eyes & reminded me of how truly blessed I am to be a part of something that people cherish.

Much love!