Taylor Tunour Class of 2014

 University Of Arizona

I have known this sweet, beautiful and smart young lady since she was a small child running a muck with my daughter Nicolette. When she approached me to shoot her college graduation photos, I was super excited. She will be graduating from the University Of Arizona this December and will continue on to pursue her Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology. You go girl!  We started in Pacific beach just laying down in the middle of a grate in the front of a hotel. This is really how I roll. There is meaning in my mind behind every shot and sometimes they work and others...well lets just say I loved this one. After our adventures in PB, we headed over to La Jolla for the sunset shots. I am always blessed with the most amazing sunsets and to share the day with a friend from the past was perfect. Make sure you scroll to the very bottom of this post to see a little "bonus track"!!!

Much love,


Yes, I still have some of my very first photos taken of Taylor when she went to school and palled around with my baby girl, also pictured above. This image was taken of these precious little punkins before the Music Of The Ages performance at Boulder Oaks Elementary School in Alpine California.

Much love!!!!