ryan class of 2011...

i must admit that i love my seniors & it is always an adventure! ryan's sister michelle was one of my seniors from last year & i was excited to have mom shawna book her son ryan for his pix as well...repeat business is always great (cousin jake was one of my seniors too...keeping it in the family) taryn helped me "work" at least that's what we called it, however, it was anything but work. ryan NOT shy at all & we laughed the entire time. as you can see we shot until dark & grabbed some yogurtland on the way home which ryan pointed out took an hour...who's counting right??? i did include some fun pix at the end...i was going to save for blackmail, but there are others...hmmmmmmm

what's he looking at???

sorry ryan...had to include the funny face & laughing...it's pretty much all we did...;)