Bethany + Brett = Baby Ezekiel

I am not always fortunate enough to know my clients before their sweet babies arrive, but I was lucky enough to know Bethany before Ezekiel. Watching her entire pregnancy was so special, but to see the way her precious baby has touched so many people has been a true blessing. I also get to watch his grandparents love on him like nothing I've ever seen. 

The morning of the shoot I asked Bethany and Brett two questions that I ask all my first time parents. First, I asked, "Have you ever been more sleep deprived in your life?". They adamantly replied, "No!". But the second question touches me every time. I simply stated, {having experienced myself twice} "Could you ever have imaged the depth of love you feel for him?". Bethany's face just lit up as she replied, "no, I couldn't have imagined"

Not all newborn session are easy, but this was truly a breeze. Without further ado... Mr. Ezekiel!