Asher Turns ONE!

This little man is a complete hand full, however, I love him to pieces & pieces! Asher is my beautiful niece Katelyn's first born & my borrowed grandson! Katelyn lived with us for the year leading up to her pregnancy and we became very close. She gets me like a lot of people don't. It has been a privilege to be able to capture Asher's little life from the very beginning. On this day, he was his normal rambunctious self, running more than sitting & posing. When it came time for the cake, we set it up on a crate and in the split second Katelyn turned to grab the candle, Asher pulled his arm back and with all his might knocked the cake right onto the ground. Katelyn just looked at me & said "did that just happen?" We both laughed, wiped the grass of and carried on. It's what you do with kids. They are so unpredictable and adorable all at the same time. Happy Birthday my little man! I can't wait until our next adventure!

Love you!!!

Granda Lemon