as we walked today in the mist & sometimes rain my thoughts go back to last year when the most amazing women came into my life as a client and entered my heart as a friend. below you will find a few things...her profile information...the link to her blog...some family photos from our first meeting and a shot from the shoot she did before her first mastectomy. so as you read these words, think of all of the women & loved ones that are affected by this horrible disease & pray for a cure...i walked for my aunt linda that lost her battle 22 years ago, my grandma, aunt angie, aunt sue and is her story...XOXO

I am 39 years old and was diagnosed with triple negative, stage 3+ breast cancer in November 2009. I have had six rounds of TAC chemotherapy, a modified radical mastectomy, recently finished radiation therapy, had a prophylactic second mastectomy and started reconstruction. Cancer is gone! I have two kids, ages 10 and 7 and a wonderful husband and family. Thank you for reading my blog - it really means the world to me!